Compiling gumstix buildroot on Ubuntu 8.04


Compiling gumstix buildroot on Ubuntu 8.04

1. These are minimum requirement for ubuntu users:
# sudo aptitude install build-essential libncurses5-dev bison flex texinfo gettext autoconf zlib1g-dev libssl-dev subversion
2. download gumstix buildroot, you can get it from subversion:
# svn co gumstix-buildroot
3. go into directory gumstix-buildroot
# cd path-to/gumstix-buildroot
4. remove default .config file first
# rm .config
5. run make defconfig
# make defconfig

You might be asked to choose the desired target platform during the process, so select the xscale CPU (#11) at 400MHz clock frequency for connex boards (verdex is iwmmxt (#12) with 400MHz or 600MHz)
6. run make

and wait for some time. Then wait for some more time. If the process finishes successfully, your buildroot is done and you are ready to go.
7. After successfully building the default image you can start modifying the buildroot and e.g. add additional packages:
# make menuconfig
# make

8. This compiling will setup gumstix buildroot in host computer which you can customized it to build the linux kernel, in my current gumstix is using linux 6.21. this process also produce 3 images file: rootfs, uImage, and u-boot. you will need these files to reflash your verdex board. please see my next post in how to reflash the verdex board.

9. Usually, to make it easier for me cross compiling code to run application on verdex which is build in host computer, i added path to my environment path for arm-linux compiler: edit /etc/profile and added these two lines.

export PATH