Creating “Cable Car” Game using Unity – Level 01

It’s been few weeks since I started building “Cable Car” game. I use Unity Editor to build the level and C# for scripting. This game will be available for mobile platforms. Unity game engine is very easy to pick up, all you need to know is basic programming skills and understand some terms used i.e Monobehavior, Components, Prefab, Sprites, Animation.

Game Objective

The lives of 3 passengers is in you hands. Your job is to help them reach the end of track safely

How to play

  • Tap the right side of screen to move forward
  • Tap the left side of screen to move backward


I planned to have 15 levels. Each level has unique track combines with monsters sprites to make the game really joyful and interesting. The last level will be Boss level where you need to cross path with the monster boss in this game.

Level 01

In Level 01, I use Yeti (3pcs) and owl (2pcs) as the enemies, then I just placed them strategically along the track.

I also listed some of the game components that I have built so far in this stage:

  • Level selection Scene
  • Level 01 Scene
  • Level Failed Scene
  • Level Clear Scene

Enemy Animation

At starts of the game Yeti will rotate the hands in certain speed, while owl will fly whenever the cable car is close enough with it.

Android Demo

I use Genymotion to simulate the game, the demo video can be shown below.

Let me know what you think about this level and stay tuned for next updates..


Ported “Cut the Rope” look like app using C++ on Android

I successfully ported the “Cut the Rope” look like app for Android. What I did just copy paste the source code that I did for iPhone, import respective library, adjust the screen resolution to 320×480 (to match with iPhone) and wualaaa.. I have the app ready and enjoy feeding the crocodile by cutting the rope 🙂


Re-wrote “Cut the Rope” look like app using C++ on iPhone

Successfully re-wrote the “Cut the Rope” look like app using C++ to run on iPhone.  This simple app uses Box2D for physics and some algorithm classes to handle creating and cutting of the rope.  I’m quite happy with the performance 60 frames per second shown in simulator and now i can feed the hungry crocodile with pineapple 🙂

Next.. i will like to feed the crocodile in Android platform haha..